Deborah Ross (D-NC)

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More Information on Deborah Ross:

Deborah Ross built a strong climate record during her ten years in the NC state legislature, especially notable in a red-leaning swing state. She supported clean energy, opposed fracking, and consistently voted to protect North Carolina’s land, air, and water, including opposing off-shore drilling.

In her US Senate campaign, she has been an outspoken advocate for addressing climate change. She has a page dedicated to her views on Energy and the Environment on her campaign website and supports the aggressive climate goals set out by the Democratic Platform.

Ross’s opponent, Sen. Richard Burr, is a climate denier and a consistent ally of the coal industry. He has a lifetime score of 7% from the League of Conservation Voters and a lifetime score of 98% on environmental issues from the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity.

Polls are showing the race as a toss up.