Deborah Ross (D-NC)

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Progressive champion Deborah Ross has turned a race rated safe Republican into a toss-up, as she fights to unseat Sen. Richard Burr. A former ACLU attorney elected to the NC House in 2002, she was the Democratic Whip from 2007 until she left the legislature in 2013.

  • On the Issues: Deborah Ross would be a real champion in the Senate. Climate change is a huge priority for her, and she was a climate champion in the legislature. She is willing to increase taxes on the wealthy, and close corporate loopholes in order to finance initiatives to create opportunity for low-income and working people. She strongly supports LGBT and reproductive rights.
  • Election update (9/27): Forecasters originally wrote that Ross’s progressivism and work for the ACLU would preclude any serious prospect for her to win in NC, but she has shown that a bold progressive can now be competitive in the state. Ross is now less than 2 points behind incumbent Burr. Democratic turnout will be boosted because NC is a key battleground in both the Presidential and Governor’s races. This race has been a bit under the radar, but with polls showing Ross in a strong position, GOP outside groups have made $8M in ad reservations for the final weeks of the campaign. The DSCC recently reserved ad time, and this race will be highly contested until Election Day.