Jason Kander (D-MO)

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Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander is challenging right-wing climate denier, Roy Blunt, who is finishing his first term. Before elected to Secretary of State in 2012, Kander served two terms in the Missouri House. He enlisted in the National Guard shortly after 9/11, and served in Afghanistan.

  • On the Issues: Kander is a champion on campaign finance and redistricting reform. He is also strong on climate, and notes it is a key national security issue. Kander recently released an ad calling for background checks, and showing him putting together a gun while blindfolded.
  • Election update (9/27): While Missouri is often considered a red state, Kander has turned this into a competitive race. Recent polls, though widely divergent, are trending in Kander’s direction. In fact, the most recent poll, though an outlier, actually shows him ahead by 2%. GOP outside groups have started making ad reservations, showing their concern, and the DSCC will be playing here as well.