Kamala Harris (D-CA)

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Kamala Harris is a progressive Democrat running against more moderate Democrat U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez to replace retiring U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer.  This is California's first statewide Democrat vs. Democrat general election, a result of the relatively new jungle primary in which the top two vote getters advance from the primary to the general regardless of party.  Harris has served as the Attorney General of California since 2011 following 7 years as San Francisco District Attorney.

  •  On the Issues: Harris supports the Clean Power Plan and aims to establish a federal renewable energy standard for electricity, among other climate priorities.  She has a comprehensive plan for addressing economic inequality and cultivating economic growth, including paid family and sick leave, increasing the minimum wage, addressing student debt, ending wage theft, infrastructure investment, R&D tax credits, creation of clean energy jobs, and more.  She supports restoration of the Voting Rights Act and fixing our broken campaign finance system.  She supports LGBT equality, and is strongly pro-choice.  
  • Election update (9/27): Harris has maintained a comfortable lead over Sanchez throughout the race, finishing first in the primary by 20 points.  At least 40 percent of voters are currently undecided or are not interested in the race, partially because of the lack of a Republican candidate.  Harris has strong support among the Democratic Party and institutional leaders.  Sanchez has been courting Republican support by encouraging endorsements by Republican elected officials and appearing at joint events.