Katie McGinty (D-PA)

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Katie McGinty is challenging Sen. Pat Toomey. She previously was Chief of Staff for PA Governor Tom Wolf, headed the PA Department of Environmental Protection, and led the White House Council on Environmental Quality under President Bill Clinton.

  • On the Issues: McGinty is a strong climate supporter; including saying publicly that the Clean Power Plan doesn’t go far enough. She favors overturning Citizens United and supports public financing of elections. Universal pre-K, $15 minimum wage, and equal pay are her economic priorities. She supports LGBT equality, and is strongly pro-choice.
  • Election update (9/27): McGinty's campaign has kept this race a virtual tie despite Toomey's overwhelming financial advantage—his $10 million campaign war chest and massive outside spending. The race is now a dead-even tie. Dems have a large registration advantage, and have won the state in 10 of the last 11 elections for President. Clinton has a strong field presence in the state, which will help increase Democratic voters’ turnout. Sen. Toomey has voted far to the right for this bluish swing state, but did support gun safety legislation, which has caused Bloomberg to endorse and spend nearly $6M to date. This race is clearly a toss-up.