Patrick Murphy (D-FL)

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Congressman Patrick Murphy is challenging Marco Rubio for the Florida senate seat. Murphy has represented Florida’s 18th district (southeastern FL, including Palm Beach) since 2012, when he defeated the Tea Party Republican incumbent by 0.8% in the most expensive U.S. House race.

  • On the Issues: Murphy is strong on climate issues, and passionate about its effects on Florida. He sees campaign finance reform and investing in education as two of his top priorities. He supports LGBT equality, and is strongly pro-choice.
  • Election update (9/27): Murphy trails incumbent Marco Rubio by 5-7 points, after competitive primaries on both sides. While he is a strong fundraiser, he had to spend quite a bit on his primary and with FL hotly contested on the Presidential level, advertising is quite expensive. The DSCC recently pulled their first ad buy for the race, but has kept future reservations.